President Trump visited Conway to see damage caused by Florence

‘One of the wettest… from the standpoint of water’ is everyone’s favorite new Trump meme

Rivers keep rising in Carolinas as Trump tours Florence 'nightmare' aftermath

The storm made landfall on Friday as a Category 1 hurricane.

Florence "ravaged" the Carolinas, leaving thousands of people without power and forced to evacuate areas in both states. Roads remained risky, and some were still being closed as swollen rivers emptied toward the ocean. So far, we know that at least three dozen people died during Hurricane Florence, but we won't know the true extent of the damages for some time.

The estimates are based primarily on information from Hurricane Matthew and the assumption that the state suffered substantial damage from Florence as multiple rivers across the state have, will or are expected to reach moderate, major or record flood stages. Teams from its operations in Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia have gone to North Carolina to serve meals from the company's Meals that Matter mobile disaster relief truck.

On Tuesday, after days of hoping for the best, Billy and Rita Sanderson waded in knee-high murky waters to see Florence's storm damage to their home of almost 30 years.

The latest victims were two women in SC who drowned on Tuesday when a sheriff's department van in which they were riding was swept away by floodwaters. To make matters worse, US 17 could close this weekend as floodwaters continue to rise north of the city. Now that waters have receded, property owners along its banks are returning to survey the damage.

Two South Carolina mental health patients drowned in a prison transport van when floodwater from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence overtook the vehicle, according to the Horry County Sheriff's Office.

The Horry County Sheriff's Department said in a statement that when the waters overtook the van, they rose too quickly for the pair to be saved.

‘One of the wettest… from the standpoint of water’ is everyone’s favorite new Trump meme

The slow-moving storm has since been downgraded to a tropical depression and moved into the USA northeast.

"I know it was hard to leave home and it's even harder to wait and wonder whether you even have a home to go back to", he said.

"Our organization, the Hornets organization, we take a lot of pride in giving back to our community and our efforts are truly lead by our own and Michael Jordan", Charlotte Hornets President Fred Whitfield said to FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Wednesday.

Poultry processor Sanderson Farms reported that 60 of its 880 broiler houses in North Carolina had flooded, as did four of its broiler houses, which led to the destruction of 1.7m head.

"This was an unprecedented storm with flooding expected to exceed that from any other storms in recent memory".

Some 10,000 people remained in shelters and over 160,000 customers were without power across North Carolina as darkness fell on Wednesday, the department said.

Augustin Dieudomme looks out at the flooded entrance to his apartment complex near the Cape Fear River as it continues to rise in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in Fayetteville, N.C., September 18, 2018.

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