Trump Calls Kavanaugh 'Outstanding,' Dismissing Latest Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Hollywood shows solidarity with Kavanaugh accuser Ford in walkout

White House and Kavanaugh deny allegation made by second woman

Kavanaugh has denied the allegations and said he wants to testify before the committee.

The nationwide protests - signified by the hashtag #BelieveSurvivors - came just a day after new allegations of an assault involving Kavanaugh came to light.

Dianne Feinstein, sent a letter to Trump on Sunday saying the Federal Bureau of Investigation has more than enough time to investigate before Ford and Kavanaugh testify on Thursday.

Kavanaugh said on Fox News Channel, "I've never sexually assaulted anyone".

In a defiant interview Monday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said he would not withdraw his nomination in the face of on-record allegations from two women who say he engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with them. Trump is staunchly defending Kavanaugh against a new allegation of sexual misconduct, calling the accusations "totally political".

Ramirez is cited by the New Yorker as saying Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a drunken dormitory party.

Many outlets and Twitter users rushed to the conclusion that Kavanaugh was responding to Christine Ford or Debbie Ramirez's allegations with his virgin defense.

Taylor Foy, a judiciary spokesman, complained that Democrats "actively withheld information" from the Republicans.

In a letter made public on Monday to the committee's Republican chairman, senator Chuck Grassley, Professor Ford said she had faced death threats and was relying on her lawyers and Senator Grassley to "agree to conditions that will allow me to testify in a fair setting".

"We were told no decision has been made on this important issue, even though various senators have been dismissive of her account and should have to shoulder their responsibility to ask her questions", the attorneys for Ford said in a statement.

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Ramirez admitted she had been drinking and has gaps in her memories. A sign posted on her front door indicated she would have no comment.

Besides the new allegation from Kavanaugh's college years, Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, has claimed to be representing another accuser from the judge's high school years.

Avenatti said he would provide additional evidence in the coming days. Brian Fallon, the executive director group Demand Justice, which was formed in part to oppose Trump's Supreme Court nominee, said Kavanaugh should remove his name from consideration.

Despite the forceful rhetoric by Kavanaugh and his GOP supporters, it remained unclear how three moderate Republican senators - Maine's Susan Collins, Arizona's Jeff Flake and Alaska's Lisa Murkowski - would react to the latest accusation.

Defections among Republicans would probably block his path to the Supreme Court.

The public spectacle that will surround Blasey's testimony Thursday illustrates the degree to which a confirmation effort that was once seen as an island of functionality in a tumultuous White Househas become the latest messy episode in a presidency full of them.

Senior Republican staffers also learned of the allegation last week, according to the magazine, and expressed concern about the impact this new allegation could have on Kavanaugh's nomination.

The New Yorker got in touch with several other students who confirmed they had heard this story-and that Kavanaugh was the perpetrator-but none who could confirm that he was actually present at the party, which sounds awfully familiar: Everyone supposedly present at the party where Ford was allegedly assaulted has similarly denied Kavanaugh was there. Keyser told The Washington Post that although she did not recall the party, she believed Ford, whom she described as a friend.

"While I am frightened, please know, my fear will not hold me back from testifying and you will be provided with answers to all of your questions", Ford wrote.

Ford's lawyers said it was still unclear who will ask questions, as Republicans were trying to hire an outside female counsel who could take over the questioning.

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