Matt Damon Played Brett Kavanaugh on SNL

Matt Damon Appears as Brett Kavanaugh in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Premiere (Watch)

Matt Damon takes on Brett Kavanaugh in SNL’s season opener

Kicking off its 44th season last night, the cast of Saturday Night Live welcomed Matt Damon to the set as they re-enacted Thurday's Kavanaugh-Ford hearing, sans Christine Blasey Ford.

Last Friday, US President Donald Trump ordered a fresh Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into sex assault allegations against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, complying with a Senate request after two days of raucous confirmation hearings for the right-leaning judge.

Ex-SNLer Rachel Dratch returned to play Sen Amy Klobuchar, recreating the dueling Do You Drink Beer? moment.

For those who didn't turn on the TV, look at a computer, or exist on this astral plane for the past week, the world is in a bit of an uproar right now over the impending confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Claiming he's usually a "keg is half-full" kind of optimist, he said that what he has recently seen from the "monsters on this committee makes me want to puke - and not from beer".

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Aidy Bryant played Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona prosecutor brought in to question Ford, who says, "I'm here mostly for Twitter". "I worked my butt off to get here!"

He displays a full range of emotions during his minutes-long rant, veering from anger to tears as he discusses the "con job" he's enduring as well as those "beautiful, creepy calendars" Kavanaugh couldn't stop talking about during the hearing. A cardboard cut-out of Alyssa Milano also drew several laughs from the crowd. "I know I'm supposed to shut up because I'm a single white male, 5'10" uncut. "I don't know, did you?!"

At one point he yells, "Guess what?" Damon's character asks, quickly following up with, "Sorry, I didn't mean it".

When Dratch's Klobuchar responded incredulously, he grew sheepish, admitting, "Sorry, I think I blacked out for a second".

"I was the proudest, drunkest virgin you've ever seen".

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