This Is Why Fortnite Vaulted Those Weapons For Season 6

Fortnite Skin LEAK Xbox Exclusive Eon Skin revealed? How to get Eon skin in Battle Royale

EPIC Fortnite Skin LEAK Xbox Exclusive Eon Skin revealed? How to get Eon skin in Battle Royale

The sole theme of season six is based on darkness. In this article, we will write down all the map changes in season 6.

Cosmetically speaking, there are of course a ton of new player skins and outfits to unlock, but in addition, you'll notice there are now pets in the game. Now they're back, but Port-a-Forts are gone. I don't want to think about a little doge getting sniped from halfway across the map, but Epic Games is making me. You can play alone or with a team, and the last one standing wins. Players who get close enough to the lake will now get swept up in a whirlwind that lifts them up to the now-floating island.

The Shadow Stones will likely have a major impact on tactical strategy in areas where they are plentiful. Rifts are still here but now players have something else they can interact with.

Other changes include the introduction of "shadow stones", consumables that turn you invisible when you stand still. The phase is very short distance and does have a cooldown. Remote explosives, the LMG, Impulse Grenades and Bounce Pads have also been removed from the game. The Grappler wires have been reduced from 15 to 10. The Double Barrel Shotgun got a significant nerf going from 143/150 damage to 114/120.

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Various changes to safe zones 4 - 9.

The patch comes with a bunch of changes to the game's Storm Circles too, with wait times reduced and shrink times increased. These cubes can be picked up to give players a ghost-like appearance and the ability to pass through most structures pre-existing or placed by players.

The brand new Battle Pass is looking great, with 100 more levels to earn with over 100 new rewards, for 950 vbucks.

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