Amazon to Raise Its Minimum U.S. Wage to $15 an Hour

Article Image Amazon Raises Minimum Wage for U.S. Workers to $15 Per Hour

The Latest: Amazon lifts minimum wage to $15

He explained, "The current rate. was set almost a decade ago".

Employees: 20,500 full-time jobs created in Texas and it's still hiring here.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced the new minimum wage, which takes effect November 1 and applies to full-time, part-time and temporary workers.

"While this is a step forward, it is a long way from where Amazon needs to be", said UNI Global Union, which represents retail employees. Hourly employees who already make $15 per hour will also see a wage increase, the Seattle company said.

The retail giant has faced criticism for not paying its workers enough, especially in light of Bezos' vast wealth: he's now considered the richest person in the world with a net worth of about $165 billion.

The result is that our articles are reaching fewer people at a time when we need genuinely independent news more than ever. Amazon bought Whole Foods past year for almost $14 billion. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) praised Jeff Bezos for the change, hoping it would push other major corporations to do the same.

Amazon's move comes after widespread strikes by workers across Europe. And five states have laws that don't require a minimum wage at all, according to the Department of Labor.

The pay increase also extends to London and the UK. That's the fastest annual gain since the Great Recession ended.

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California: California had one of the highest state minimum wages in 2008, and it still does today. Walmart raised its starting wages to $11 per hour this year.

"Our view was that it is totally absurd for the taxpayers of this country to have to subsidize the wealthiest guy on earth who is paying his employees wages that are so low that many of them are forced to go on Medicaid, food stamps, and other government programs". Walmart is now the largest private employer in the nation, with a workforce topping 1.5 million employees.

Vermont: In 2008, Vermont workers earned a minimum of $7.68 an hour. Target is aiming to pay at least $15 to every employee by 2020.

The wage increase breaks down to 250,000 regular workers, as well as more than 100,000 seasonal employees.

But corporate profits in the US are booming, and that wealth isn't being spread out almost fast enough for many.

The move came as hundreds of fast-food workers allied with Fight for 15 demonstrated in MI.

Amazon shares were flat in trading Tuesday, but are up more than 65 percent so far this year. A higher wage may mean Amazon can outbid its competitors for the dwindling supply of available workers.

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