VP Pence: China 'Meddling in America's Democracy'

Dairy farmers say new trade agreement with U.S. has ‘sold them out’

Maritime dairy farmers say they've been sacrificed

The minister stressed that the agreement is not final and the Senate has the final word.

Expected winners out of it are the auto and agricultural industries.

But when the three sides have finally agreed on a replacement trade pact - the so-called United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) - should anyone be surprised that the latter two countries were ready to blow off the Chinese at the insistence of the US? We are hopeful that the USMCA will ensure continued market access as well as increase trade with both Canada and Mexico.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence accused China of "meddling in America's democracy", in a wide-ranging speech Thursday.

Mexico started to warm trade ties with Argentina and Brazil during the trade dispute, so the new agreement is seen as good news for producers of American farm commodities that compete with Brazil and Argentina, including US grains and livestock products.

"China wants a different American president", Mr Pence said in a speech at the Hudson Institute think tank in Washington, adding the U.S. will continue to expose Beijing's "malign influence and interference". Yet, despite Trump's assertion that USMCA is a huge success for his approach, his negotiations have done damage to the US' alliances with Mexico and Canada, and concessions have not been as big as he had previously sought, highlighting the significant continuities the new deal has with NAFTA.

While the Trump administration was all praised about the revised agreement, analysts concurred that the USMCA offered nothing new. That led to new retaliatory tariffs of up to 25 percent from some allies.

"Some of the things that the vice president, and indeed, the president, are saying about Chinese behavior are true, and some are an exaggeration, kind of conspiracy-theoryesque", said Mastro.

Kamps fears the Canadian government may have given up the ability for farmers to dictate a price for their product, items like skim milk powder.

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While legislative approval in the U.S. is now significantly more likely than not, hurdles still lie ahead.

"If we don't get relief from those tariffs within the next several months, it's going to be hard to sustain what we've gained, let alone trying to grow those markets", said Kowalski.

Certain agriculture groups have been pushing the administration to once again exempt Canada and Mexico from the USA steel tariffs. The addition of Mexico in 1994 broadened the scope of the deal in a logical way, and protected Canada against the risk of a bilateral agreement between the United States and Mexico. "We are extremely disappointed", said Tom Kootstra, chairman of Alberta Milk. "I can't speculate on when that will happen, but we're confident that we will get over that hurdle".

From January to July, Iowa exported a total of $2.6 billion in goods to Canada.

Last month, as VentureBeat reported, Google's chief privacy officer Keith Enright acknowledged the existence of a project called Dragonfly during a public congressional hearing, but he did not explain what the project was.

Currently, dairy products are a smaller portion of total exported goods from Iowa.

"And now we find out they've given away more of the dairy industry", he said.

Colin Robertson, the Vice-President and a fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, says from Canada and Mexico's perspective it ensures preferred access to the largest market in the world and, for the United States, it illustrates to the world that, even with Donald Trump as President, they actually can do trade deals.

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