Apple's proprietary software is blocking third parties from repairing Macs

Apple's T2 chip makes third-party Mac repairs impossible

Software in the new iMac Pro and MacBook Pro reportedly prevents certain repairs by unauthorized personnel

If someone replaces the RAM on the mac with the T2 chip included MacBook or the iMac, then the device will not be able to detect that part, as the information about the specific hardware will not be present on the T2 chip and the device will not turn on. It appears that, without it, repairs can not be done on a MacBook's display assembly, logic board, keyboard and trackpad and Touch ID board. And it seems unlikely Apple will stop at just these two products, since Apple will probably ship many (if not all) future Macs with a T2 chip. All in all, it leaves a lot of uncertainty for MacBook and iMac Pro owners who lack access to official Apple fix for one reason or another.

The device won't be usable until the Apple Service Toolkit 2 is used by a member of the company's Authorized Service Provider program.

Previous reports indicated that replacing certain parts on Apple devices equipped with the custom T2 chip requires proprietary software to complete the repairing, otherwise the devices become unusable.

Apple has introduced a new software lock that will make your computer "inoperative" unless Apple's proprietary system configuration (diagnostics) software has been run.

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The MacRumors report claims that the new T2 chip integrates several components of the new MacBook Pro and iMac Pro models including the system management controller, image signal processor, audio controller, and SSD controller.

A separate internal training presentation obtained by Motherboard about how to use the diagnostics states that the "Apple Service Toolkit and Apple Service Toolkit 2 are available only to persons working at Apple-authorized service facilities". Failing to do so will, "result in an inoperative system and an incomplete fix". But the news is a concern for consumers who may be looking to skip Apple and fix their devices solo without any help. AppleCare is much like insurance which you may never actually use - which ends up putting "free" money in Apple's pockets. The tests are also different, depending on the Apple machine in question.

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