Google shuts down Google

Google to shut down Google+ after users’ data exposed

Google exposed user data, chose not to tell public - WSJ

In other words, things like photos should not have been at risk.

What action can I take?

In any case, the conclusion is the same: Google is shutting down the consumer version of Google+, citing challenges in maintaining the service effectively.

Now, users will be given greater control over what account data they choose to share with each app.

Secondly, access to the Gmail API is going to be limited to only those apps that directly enhance email functionality. For instance, it is limiting the ability to receive call logs and SMS permissions on Android devices.

Applications tailored to augment Gmail will also face new rules regarding data handling and be subject to security assessments, according to the company.

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When people found out about it, it chose to shut down Google+ in a knee-jerk reaction. That's probably a good thing. Currently, Google+ has "low usage and engagement", according to Google, and 90 percent of user sessions last less than five seconds. Enterprise users will continue to have access to the platform for the foreseeable future - Google says the social media website is better as an enterprise product, anyway. Names, email addresses, occupation, gender, and age were all accessible, given that developers knew how to make use of the flaw.

Smith said Google+ would wind down over the next ten months, during which time users will be able to download or migrate their data, and the site would be permanently retired in August 2019.

In the last two months, U.S. politicians on both sides of the aisle have stepped up their attacks on Google, with Republicans accusing it of harbouring biases against them and Democrats questioning whether the company has gotten too big and powerful. If you'd like to delete your account, head to this link and follow the instructions. By default, Google+ users can grant access to their profile data to third-party apps.

Instead of seeing all requested permissions in a single screen, apps will have to show you each requested permission, one at a time, within its own dialog box.

Apps will be required to inform users what data they will have access to. Google was hammered again a month later, when the Associated Press revealed the company was tracking users' locations even after they'd turned off their phones' location history setting. It said it had no evidence that the data was misused or that any developer was aware of it or had exploited the leak. This bug could allow a user's installed apps to utilize the API and access non-public information belonging to that user's friends.

It also announced other security features.

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