Scam Alert: Don't Fall For This Facebook 'Friend Request From You' Message

The social media giant dealt with a real cloning issue last year- but this one is just a hoax

Are your Facebook feed and messages filled with warnings of cloned profiles? It's going viral

You can also choose 3 to 5 friends that you can contact if you are locked out of your account, which offers an easy way for you to get your access back.

Ignore the message that is going viral in FB Messenger right now. The good news is: Chances are, you were not hacked if you received this message, nor are you being impersonated on Facebook, and no fraudulent friend requests got sent.

If you have gotten any suspicious messages on your Facebook profile lately it's probably best to ignore them.

Several Facebook users have been getting a message that reads, "Hi...."

You can stop forwarding that latest warning from your Facebook friends about your account being cloned. The bad news is: People are falling for yet another copy/paste hoax on Facebook, a website with a long history of spreading them.

‘Journalist murdered in Saudi consulate in Istanbul’
She said Mr Khashoggi was required to surrender his mobile phone, which is standard practice in some diplomatic missions. When was he last seen? Khashoggi went to the Saudi consulate on Tuesday to get documents for his forthcoming marriage.

"The best thing for users to do is just delete the messages they receive about this, especially if they echo the exact same language used above. Good Luck!", the message states. It then urges you to then forward on the message.

On Sept. 25, Facebook's engineering team discovered a security issue affecting nearly 50 million accounts where hackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in Facebook's code that allowed them to take over people's accounts. It's like a modern day chain letter.

The latest Facebook hoax is causing concern and confusion among many users. I had to do the people individually.

The message says, "Hi...."

Of course, there have been multiple real Facebook scandals recently; from reports of logins being sold on the dark web to the massive data breach at the end of September, it's been a rocky month for the social media company.

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