Michael Thomas trolls Josh Norman after benching

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Following the game, Redskins coach Jay Gruden addressed Norman's benching, saying, "It'll be back to normal". But on Monday Night, in primetime, the Saints put the league on notice that they're where they were expected to be heading into the year. "There was a lot of jabbering going on between both teams there for a little while, but we have to rise above it and understand that there's ramifications if you get in a pushing and shoving match after a play".

Well, for those who were hoping that the Redskins-Saints game might be a big moment for the Redskins, things aren't looking good.

"I said it last week, but it's worth remembering; in our lifetimes Saints fans probably aren't going to be blessed again with seeing a Saints quarterback as great as Brees and I'll go on record as saying National Football League history is never going to have another 5'10" quarterback throw for 70,000 yards from his tippy toes.

A holding penalty on Norman negated a third-down stop on New Orleans's first drive, which ended in a touchdown, and prompted ESPN analyst Booger McFarland to remark that Norman is no longer the Redskins' best cornerback. But here are the Saints who sizzled and the Saints who fizzled in Week 5 against the Redskins.

They couldn't run the ball on offense - just 39 yards on 18 carries all night. Just wait until Saints start playing offensive lines that are bad or injured? Who knows if Norman will still be on the team by then. Think about that. Mark Ingram returned and it looked like he never left. Norman appeared to blow his assignment on Brees's record-setting touchdown pass and found himself on the bench for the Saints' first possession after halftime.

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Tre'Quan Smith is probably not just a fill in for Ted Ginn Jr., he's likely to take that receiver spot opposite Michael Thomas and never give it back.

"I didn't set out on this journey to break these records". There's no defense that's completely stopping that.

Of course the night was all about Drew Brees and we'll get to that.

Ralph Malbrough is a Saints fan living in Houston.

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