The IMF again downgrades outlook for the global economy

Govt decides to ‘immediately’ approach IMF

Pakistan to start talks with IMF as rupee continues to fall

The Fund says the global economy's growth target has dropped by 2 percent from the initial 3.9 percent.

It's the thirteenth time Pakistan has turned to the International Monetary Fund for support since the late 1980s and the lender said last week that recent government efforts haven't been sufficient to stem a looming crisis.

Trade tensions are growing, the International Monetary Fund says, and inequality has risen.

"The economy would stabilise once Pakistan would receive funds from the IMF", said a market analyst.

As IMF managing director Christine Lagarde warned, the 60 percent build-up in global debt by the public and private sectors to US$182 trillion over the past decade has raised the risk of global financial shocks.

"Nonetheless, despite trade tensions and continued monetary policy normalisation in a few advanced economies, global financial markets have remained buoyant and appear complacent about the risk of a sudden, sharp tightening in financial conditions". "This is the United States trying stop China's growth - it's a bad idea", Sachs, director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, told a seminar in Bali.

The report also amplified worries about worldwide trade, echoing numerous earlier IMF statements, but noted that trade tensions have thus far affected individual sectors more directly than the financial system.

The body now expects the US economy to grow at a rate of 2.5 percent in 2019, a 0.2 percentage point decline from its April estimates.

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"The possibility that China and USA resolve their disagreements would be a significant upside to the forecast", Obstfeld said.

"Nigeria, like many other emerging market countries, has come under market pressure since mid-April".

Trump has led the escalating trade war because of what he believes are bad policies he said have created an $800 billion USA trade deficit.

The Treasury's currency report will be released just a few weeks after the USA currency manipulation guidelines were included in the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

The head of the World Trade Organization warned that a "full-blown commercial war" could shrink global trade by almost 18 percent and also knock worldwide GDP, hurting the United States, China, and others. "But we need to do it (go to IMF) before our reforms start yielding results in about six months", Khan said. The 0.2 percentage point downgrade to the 2019 growth forecast is attributable to the negative effect of recent tariff actions, assumed to be partially offset by policy stimulus, it said.

China, however, could still be labelled a currency manipulator if the US Treasury decides to rely more heavily on the older 1988 Act, which allows for a more subjective assessment of whether a currency is being manipulated to gain unfair competitive advantage in trade.

Adjustments would occur as domestic production displaces higher-priced imports, the model shows, but in the long run, the US GDP would still be 1% below a baseline without these tariffs, while China's GDP output would be 0.5% below the baseline.

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