Trump praises Montana congressman who body-slammed reporter

A Secret Service agent stands guard as President Trump speaks at Alumni Coliseum in Richmond Ky. on Oct. 13

A Secret Service agent stands guard as President Trump speaks at Alumni Coliseum in Richmond Ky. on Oct. 13

"Any guy that can do a body slam, he's my candidate, he's my guy", Mr. Trump said, making a theatrical body-slam gesture with his arms.

In his first public comments on the incident, Mr Trump lauded the attack at a campaign rally for the Congressman in Missoula, Montana on Thursday.

Not the case, because he made a point of praising Greg Gianforte, the Congress member from Montana, for violently attacking reporter Ben Jacobs in May of past year.

Most of the sane watching world probably agree that body-slamming reporters when you're a politician running for office ain't all that hilarious, but you're going to struggle to find sanity at a Trump rally.

On Mr Biden challenging him to a fight, Mr Trump said, "He'd be down, faster than Greg would take him down".

"I said, 'This is bad".

"And then I said, well, wait a minute". I think it might help him.

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Donald Trump praised Congressman Gianforte and called him "an incredible Montana leader".

He was ordered to pay $385 (£304), complete 40 hours of community service and 20 hours of anger management counselling.

The CPJ on Friday demanded an apology from Trump, its advocacy director, Courtney Radsch, said: "We are disturbed once again to see President Trump standing up for those who would attack the press".

But as he left Washington to travel to the rally on Thursday, Mr Trump warned of "very severe" consequences for the apparent killing.

"The president of the United States tonight applauded the assault on an American journalist who works for the Guardian".

Mr. Trump has had a hard relationship with the USA media, sections of which he has referred to as "fake news", a name he used again at the Missoula rally.

The UK PM's spokesperson has slammed Trump's praise for the congressman, adding that violence or intimidation against journalists is "completely unacceptable". "During a week when the world is riveted in horror at the brutal murder of a journalist by the Saudi government, Trump's remarks are a chilling reminder that U.S. global leadership on press freedom has collapsed utterly under the President's watch".

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