Spotify Premium Gets Revamped With Improved Personalization

Spotify Premium Improves Navigation and Search, Adds Artist Radio...

Spotify update brings simpler navigation + offline radio to Premium users

Last and certainly not least, Spotify Premium comes with "Endless Artist Radio" capabilities now, offering playlists made up entirely of songs performed by one musician. Subscribers can get great recommendations on Home, discover something new with Search, and access favorite songs, artists, playlists, and podcasts in their Library.

Firstly, the Spotify Premium changes - the most noteworthy of which is the streamlined navigation in the app (we appreciate slick interfaces, okay).

These updates go live today globally and are available on both iOS and Android.

Personalized Search: Our redesigned Search page is the new one-stop destination for artists, albums, podcasts, and more-whether the subscriber knows what they're searching for or wants to explore something new.

Spotify subscribers can treat themselves to the best streaming experience yet with Premium's new updates.

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Over the past few months though, Spotify has been adding more features to the Premium tier of the service, making a bit hard to argue for opting for the free flavour.

For one, Spotify has streamlined its navigation. The feature offers an "endless listening stream" that's updated regularly and can even be downloaded and played offline.

Spotify Premium subscribers will see a few changes on Thursday. The five tabs at the bottom have been condensed into three main categories - Home, Search, and Your Library.

"Browse", which mainly highlighted curated playlists and showed music by genre is now based on the search page. When you hit the search icon, it now displays things like your top genres right at the top of the screen where you can quickly play music from all the different genres you love.

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