Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Companion App Out This Friday

Red Dead Redemption 2 app hits iOS and Android this week

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Getting a Touch Screen Companion App

The companion app is likely to prove a boon to gamers wanting a more immersive experience with Red Dead Redemption 2 - seeing as it can separate the more technical stats and navigation features of the game from the visual gameplay - though we doubt you'll miss it if you decide to go without. Developer Rockstar Games has just announced that their upcoming game will get a companion mobile app on the same day Red Dead Redemption 2 will be launched, October 26.

Earlier today, Rockstar Games revealed on their newswire that Red Dead Redemption II will be receiving its own companion app, similar to the iFruit app which launched alongside Grand Theft Auto V in 2013. The idea is that you can set waypoints or check the map manually, using it as a separate tool from the main game. The Companion App is meant to show maps, stats, journal entries and other things that might normally require a call to a menu in-game.

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Finally, the app will also show you Arthur Morgan's core info and stats in real-time on your device, allowing you to completely remove the in-game HUD from your television should you choose. This takes their dedication to giving players a deep and interactive world to get lost in to a whole new level. But no matter who pioneered the idea and execution of companion apps, the one available for Red Dead Redemption 2 seems like it could very well flawless the mechanic, or at the very least innovate it to an entirely new degree.

The app will be available on iPhone, iPad, and Android some time on Friday when the game launches.

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