Victim Identified In Deadly Shooting At Butler High School

One student critically injured during shooting at Butler HS shooter in custody in Charlotte

One person shot at Butler High School. Shooter has been taken into custody

A student was shot at a North Carolina high school Monday morning, police said. While officials later said the shooting followed a fight between two students, the students in the hallway assumed they were all potential victims.

The shooter, who has been confirmed as a fellow student, is in custody.

According to a statement from CMS, there is no further immediate danger to the school.

The victim was transported to a hospital, where he later died of his injuries, officials said. "You don't want to miss patting down a child - and I wouldn't say pat them down, but they have to come up with something, some way to find out if they're bringing guns to school - if they're bringing knives to school, or anything like that". When they arrived to find their children absent, dozens of parents took matters into their own hands, marching over a highway overpass and crossing police barricades to assemble at the doors of the school.

In 2014, Butler High School was named as the fifth highest rated high school in North Carolina, by U.S. News and Report.

The high school's lockdown was lifted around 9:15 a.m., with students streaming out, many crying and hugging their parents.

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CMS does not have metal detectors in school, nor does it perform searches on students. The suspected shooter was also not identified. He said the disagreement occurred in a hallway and that there were "kids in the hallways when it took place". "Our schools and students rely on cooperation between and amongst and each other and today that simply wasn't enough".

Shootings have become so normalized in our society that we're expected to get over it and move on in (literally) an instant.

Counselors and psychologists were available for the students who witnessed the shooting.

Guardians and parents were advised of the incident via email and telephone calls.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the deaths included 28 homicides, 17 suicides and two by law enforcement officers who were attempting to make an arrest, suppress a disturbance or maintain order.

Classes did proceed on campus for students not retrieved by their parents. The argument began as a verbal altercation that turned physical, according to school officials.

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