LGs first foldable smartphone could be unveiled at CES 2019

Samsung unveils new camera sensors as though right on cue for the Galaxy S10

Samsung intros 48 MP and 32 MP 0.8 μm ISOCELL sensors

Samsung's Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be the most appealing new Galaxy phone in years, and several phone makers will release foldable smartphones next year. Samsung is also rushing to complete development of a bendable device that it hopes will let it dominate a niche market with potential to grow. The report states that the first Galaxy F device will sport 512GB of storage, and will be a high-end device. But before that happens, we've got one more rumor for you regarding the unreleased handset: The design has reportedly been finalized, and the phone is now in production.

Another covert hint is that the supposed reveal even for the device has been named "the crossroads between the present and the future" which is clear hint that Samsung is preparing to announce a futuristic device. The OLED segment of its display division posted a higher profit than the previous quarter due to the demand for flexible screens, so Samsung has a basis for that strategy. The decision was made back in July, as Samsung was still weighing the advantages and disadvantages of going for a dual-screen design.

The fingerprint scanner was unable to incorporate under this display via technical complexity.

It's done by having four pixels work as one. Though iPhones were rid of this feature a while ago, it's more surprising that Samsung may head in a similar direction.

NASA Retires Its Planet Hunter, the Kepler Space Telescope
The distinction helped scientists zero in on potential Earth-like planets and better the odds for finding life. Take, for example, Kepler-22b, which he calls one of the most interesting planets in the batch.

After years of wait, foldable smartphones are just around the corner.

Both new Samsung-built sensors also support Gyro-based electronic image stabilisation (EIS) to remove any shakes from your hand when capturing video.

First of all, Turn off your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016. The company will also solidify its market leadership by adopting cutting-edge technologies across its entire Galaxy lineup, including the Galaxy A series. And since Samsung's fiscal calendar ends on 31 December, it may mean that these new sensors may make an appearance in next year's phones.

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