Key US midterm races to watch - and when to watch them

Barack Obama condemned Donald Trump without addressing him by name and Republicans for what he described as their divisive policies

Barack Obama condemned Donald Trump without addressing him by name and Republicans for what he described as their divisive policies

Midterm elections are typically hard for the party in power, and GOP incumbents had been on defense in races across the country as control of the House turned into a signature contest of the season.

"The vast majority of women voters are angry, frustrated and they are really done with seeing where the Republican Party is taking them, particularly as it related to heath care and civility", said Stephanie Schriock, who leads EMILY's List, a group that help elect Democratic women.

Little of that was on display Monday as Trump spent his final hours on the trail in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri, where his rhetoric on illegal immigration turned harsh and he lobbed attacks at Democrats.

While Pelosi said she is ready to foster generational change in the House, she would not offer specifics or any names of Democrats who she sees as potential new leaders in the Democratic Party.

Former Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor says that's what Republicans can expect if they fail to maintain their majority.

To stem Republican losses, Trump sprinted through mostly white regions of the country, interjecting dark and foreboding warnings about what Democratic power would mean for the nation. Either of the latter two scenarios would be problematic for Trump, immediately putting a damper on his agenda.

Voters cast ballots today in the first major voter test of Trump's controversial presidency, with control of Congress at stake.

The US holds congressional elections every two years.

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Supporters of US President Donald Trump cheer during a "Make America Great Again" campaign rally at McKenzie Arena, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on November 4, 2018. It was a deliberate strategy to expand the playing field to about 80 districts, stretching beyond college-educated voters in the suburbs into regions where the party has seen its fortunes fade.

The O'Rourke-Cruz race is one of a handful of Senate contests being closely watched and O'Rourke, a former punk rocker, has mounted a surprisingly tough challenge against Cruz in traditionally Republican Texas.

Democrats are hoping to flip the House of Representatives in Tuesday's 2018 midterm elections and Republicans are at serious risk of losing their majority in the lower chamber of Congress. An independent, he's voted for GOP candidates before. "It's not going to happen in one election".

"If you look back through the last 50 or 60 years of U.S. history, if you are an incumbent President, the chances are you will be re-elected and there is a strong pattern of the United States two terms for one party, two terms for the other".

In Utah, get ready for a poll-close call that announces Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, as the next senator from Utah. The open Arizona race is a toss-up, but Republicans are increasingly anxious, given Trump's closing focus on immigration, that the seat which has been in GOP hands could be won by Democrats. She was expected to lose to political newcomer Jennifer Wexton.

"In the case of Justice Kavanaugh.for the sake of argument that he lied, I don't believe there is any evidence that he did." the judge said. Democrats have been hoping for large turnouts from the Hispanic and African-American communities, who tend to vote blue.

The Deluxe version of our House model gives Democrats a 6 in 7 chance of winning the House and the GOP a 1 in 7 chance. A record number of women were running for Senate, House, governorships and state legislative seats. The other, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, is retiring (and a third represents Puerto Rico but does not a vote). Days later, an avid Trump supporter was arrested for mailing pipe bombs to prominent critics of the president, all of whom Trump routinely derides as "evil" and "un-American". And thanks to court-ordered redistricting in Pennsylvania, Democrats could net as many as four or five seats there. He's been accused of voter suppression but at the weekend he launched an investigation into claims that Democrats were being investigated for trying to hack the state's voter registration system. Along with these, a host of local posts are also up for elections in various states.

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