Israeli defense minister quits, hits out at Netanyahu over Gaza truce

Ahmed Abu Saif'I expected to see my building burned to the ground one day

Ahmed Abu Saif'I expected to see my building burned to the ground one day

Militants then fired some 460 rockets and mortars into Israel in a 24-hour period, after carrying out a missile attack on an Israeli bus that wounded a soldier on Monday.

A Palestinian was killed by Israeli fire along the shore of the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday despite an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire after the worst escalation between Israel and Hamas since a 2014 war.

Hamas' decision to launch hundreds of rockets, which has resulted in the death of one man (a Palestinian working inside Israel), and the injury of more than two dozen Israelis so far, is being discussed in the global media as just one more episode in an endless "cycle of violence", in which the Jewish state is as guilty as the Islamist terror groups that rule Gaza. An Israeli military spokesman said they were looking into the incident.

After meeting with Netanyahu Thursday, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon recommended early elections.

Israel's defense minister, who favored a much harsher response, resigned to protest the truce, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could soon be forced to call an early election.

Netanyahu is reportedly meeting with Bennett Thursday to resolve the situation.

Another Israeli commentator posted this video to express his opinion about how Israel is now dealing with Hamas.

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"Our enemies pleaded for a ceasefire and they know very well why", the longest-serving Israeli PM said, while adding that in times of crisis he had to show leadership and had to make "crucial considerations that must be concealed from the enemy". "Firing rockets at Tel Aviv is a different story".

Does it really matter what started the shooting at the border between Israel and Hamas-run Gaza?

Few in Israel, however, will ever accept Hamas as a part of the Palestinian political system especially after what happened the past seven months. Some 170 Palestinians, many of them unarmed, have been killed by Israeli fire.

"The residents of Ashkelon have been suffering for years, over 10 years of suffering with the rockets - we have no energy left to deal with the regime that simply doesn't care about the south, we have been silent for years and years, but we will not stay silent anymore", said Israeli protester Vlad Roitberg.

The Israeli army said it struck some 160 targets, including Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV station and internal security headquarters in Gaza City. In the days before the flare-up, Netanyahu went so far as to allow $15 million in cash donated by Qatar to be driven into Gaza to pay the salaries of Hamas government officials.

It is noted that the Israeli occupation has launched three attacks on Gaza since 2008.

Imagine a West Bank as armed and risky as Gaza is now, and you are seeing what most Israelis think would be the only logical outcome of a two-state solution under the current circumstances.

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