The Pixel 2 Just Got One of Pixel 3's Best Features

Google Rolls Out Night Sight Tech to Improve Quality of Low-Light Photos

Night Sight for Pixel Phones is Going to Blow Your Mind, Coming This Week

If you are into night photography or just want to take some pictures in the dark, such as in a dimly lit restaurant or monuments at night, this feature will make a big difference.

For more detailed information about Night Sight, check out the Google AI Blog.

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From November 18 and up until November 28 you can spare $300 on a Pixelbook, and in addition half on the Clips camera. Part of that feeling is due to Google's software-first approach to smartphone design which means there's always code being tinkered with, but the other part was simply because Google still hadn't delivered two major Pixel 3 features the company teased prior to launch. The Mate 20 series has it, even a number of the newer Honor phones has Night Mode too and the results in terms of enhancing images taken in low light are pretty much the same as what Google achieved with Night Sight. As the name implies, Night Sight is intended for use at night. Google has also shared some of the tips of Pixel owners who plan to use the feature. "All you need to do is press the shutter button". If you can't find such an accomplice, it might be worth waiting for November 22 when Google will run another deal on the phones.

On Cyber Monday, Google will host a different Pixel 3 promotion. As taking an image through Night Sight does take a little longer than capturing the same image without the feature activated. Night Sight leverages on Google's AI knowhow and combines it with the Pixel's HDR+ processing algorithms to boost the colours and brightness of photos that were taken in the dark. Smartphone cameras generally begin to struggle at 30 lux. Night Sight is a bit out of the way. It will take a few days for the Google Phone update to reach all the corners of the world.

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