How Much Money Barcelona Owe To Liverpool For Coutinho Transfer

Barcelona unable to sign Liverpool players for the next two seasons

Barcelona’s ‘secret agreement’ with Liverpool revealed

Barcelona signed two other Liverpool players, Javier Mascherano (2010) and Luis Suarez (2014), this decade, but neither of those deals were surrounded by the ongoing drama that Coutinho's want-away saga quickly became.

Barcelona would be forced to pay an additional £89m in order to sign any Liverpool players before 2020, it has been revealed.

Reports have emerged that Barcelona can not buy any more Liverpool players until 2020, save they are ready to pay a premium of £90m on top of any transfer agreed.

In case you didn't know.


Liverpool have no desire to sell any of their best players but this agreement should prevent any of them potentially having their heads turned, like Coutinho did, if Barcelona happened to show an interest in taking them to the Nou Camp.

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Under the agreement, that move can't materialise unless Liverpool choose to offer him to clubs, including Barcelona.

One of the three years has nearly passed.

Coutinho did not play for Liverpool while the transfer window was open, citing a "bad back".

With the clause in place it remains to be seen whether the Reds will entertain any offers for their current stars like Salah and Mane from La Blaugrana if do make a move eventually.

The original fee was €130m which seemed incredibly inflated given the fact Barcelona had just received over €200m for Neymar and the Spanish giants were quick to splash the cash on Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele. Let's talk football over a Cup of tea!

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