'Freakishly Huge' Cow Is Too Large To Be Slaughtered

PIC Today Tonight

PIC Today Tonight

That's because Knickers is a steer. At 1,400kg, Knickers is just too big for the abattoir.

Knickers, now an internet sensation, will live out the rest of his life on Pearson's farm in the town of Lake Preston, just southwest of Perth.

"He was always a standout steer from the others, a bit bigger than the rest", Pearson told the BBC. He's about seven years old now.

Pearson informed reporters that he initially purchased Knickers for only $400, as a "steer" that leads other cattle - known too as a "coach" which is a castrated male cow.

But after a few more rotations of cattle, the cattle farmers "realised he wasn't stopping growing". He is actually too big to be slaughtered. If he wants to go for a walk, they follow, if he wants to sit down, they wait around for him to get up.

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The Australian bovine chewed his way into the conversation when images recently circulated of him standing next to a herd of brown wagyu cattle. Black and white Knickers stands out even more in a pack because of his colour. Use #GeniusKitchen to let us know what you're sharing!

His name came about because another cattle Pearson had at the time - a Brahman steer - befriended him.

"We never thought he would turn into a big knickers".

While the behemoth is notable, he's still a couple of inches shorter than the world's tallest steer: A chianina ox named Bellino, who measured more than 6 feet, 6 inches at a show in Rome in 2010, according to Guinness World Records.

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