UK's Labour will try to topple May if Brexit deal rejected

Leading Brexiter Liam Fox urges support for May’s deal | Financial Times

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The first issue facing Mrs May this week will be the intensifying demands for the Government to release the full legal advice on the Withdrawal Agreement.

In theory, the most severe penalty is expulsion from the House, although the prospects of that happening would appear remote.

Although the contempt offence is hundreds of years old, only a handful of MPs have been suspended and no Cabinet minister has ever faced the charge.

But six political parties - Labour, the DUP, SNP, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cyrmu and Greens - said an earlier vote calling for the full advice to be published is not being honoured.

Mrs May will say that to respect the 2016 referendum result would require "a Brexit that takes back control of our borders, laws and money" and "a Brexit that sets ourselves on course for a better future outside the European Union, as a globally trading nation, in charge of our own destiny and seizing the opportunities of trade with some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic economies across the world".

He sparked uproar when he said of his private advice "there is nothing to see here!"

The Irish border backstop provision in the Brexit deal could continue indefinitely "unless and until it is superseded" by a new agreement, according to Government legal advice.

British Prime Minister Theresa May brushed aside questions Monday about whether she will resign if her Brexit deal is rejected by Parliament next week, saying she's confident she'll still have a job after the crucial vote.

"This must constitute contempt of Parliament which will be pursued by all legal means". That's something May has said won't happen on her watch.

He went on: "I ask the House to understand that it is only that consideration that is motivating me and this Government in declining at this stage to break the convention that applies to both sides of the House when they are in government".

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But it actually remains far from certain that the agreement would pass the two chambers, particularly in its current form. A senior White House official said Trump and bin Salman exchanged pleasantries during a subsequent leaders' session.

"In this case I am convinced that in order to disclose any advice that might have been given would be fundamentally contrary to the interests of this country", Mr Cox said.

May travelled to Northern Ireland and Wales on Tuesday as part of a tour aimed at rallying support for the deal.

Mr Bercow said it was "entirely for the House to decide on that motion".

We have been left with no option but to press ahead with contempt.

British Prime Minister Theresa May rejected speculations about her possible resignation in the event of her failure to gain parliamentary approval for her post-Brexit EU-UK deal, in a vote scheduled for December 11. This must be made available to all MPs. "Thus, the choir screaming about deficiencies in the Prime Minister's Brexit plan has become very vocal, with several MPs in turn pointing out that the deal is far from gaining a majority". The advice of the advocate general is often, but not always, followed by the full court.

Making sure the information is available to all MPs.

May hopes that if she forces her deal through parliament, those firms who have put off investment decisions and brought in contingency plans for fear of trade drying up will be able to move forward again.

It does not comply with a motion of the House that you have ruled to be effective.

Tomorrow's debate will focus on security, while Thursday's debate will be on the economy.

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