Nation says goodbye to Bush: 'To us, he was close to perfect'

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How False Testimony and a Massive U.S. Propaganda Machine Bolstered George H.W. Bush's War on Iraq

As the 72-year-old Bush arrived at the National Cathedral for the state funeral for his father - the 41st U.S. president - he shook hands with President Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

Bush's remains were accompanied by members of his family, and were taken by motorcade to St Martin's Episcopal Church. With many Republicans considering him to nearly be a mythical hero and savior of sorts, on this particular occasion, Trump's decision to opt out of the Christian parts of the funeral ceremony for Bush left many people shocked by his actions.

"I call on the American people to assemble on that day in their respective places of worship, there to pay homage to the memory of President George H.W. Bush", Trump wrote in his proclamation.

In the days following his death, Bush has been remembered for his public and military service, volunteerism and personal character.

Clinton acknowledged Trump, but they didn't shake hands.

Speaking to Shannon Bream on Tuesday, the national radio host said the mainstream media acted in a "vicious and partisan" way toward Bush 41 when he was president, similar to the treatment of other Republicans.

The Twitter post came as dignitaries began to arrive at Washington's National Cathedral for former president Mr Bush's funeral on Wednesday afternoon.

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The group had been friends with Bush since they played at a White House barbecue when Bush was vice president. Carter was seated silently next to Hillary Clinton in the cavernous cathedral.

Bush Sr. was 94 when he died Friday night.

Trump also shook Michelle Obama's hand and exchanged a greeting. "In addition to being our president, he was also one of our brothers, flying combat missions off aircraft carriers during World War II", said Rear Adm. Roy Kelley, commander of Naval Air Force Atlantic. Former Sen. Bob Dole, a compatriot in war, peace and political struggle, steadied himself out of his wheelchair and saluted his old friend and one-time rival.

LEMON: Let me show you what I would have done.

Wilson, author of "Everything Trump Touches Dies", noted that Bush's late wife, Barbara Bush, had requested that Trump stay away from her memorial.

A patrician figure, Bush was voted out of office in part for failing to connect with ordinary Americans during an economic recession.

Before the funeral, Trump tweeted his feelings about Bush's funeral.

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