This is the best time to get your flu vaccines

State health department reports first pediatric flu death of 2018-2019 season

Flu striking more than usual in Windsor and Essex County this year

Myth: The flu vaccine is only necessary for the old and very young. But it did not have to be almost as deadly as it was. However, in Louisiana past year, there were more than 15,000 hospitalizations and more than 1,600 deaths from the flu. More than 900,000 were hospitalized.

Flu shots are covered by Medi-Cal, Medicare, and by most insurance plans. Of the 180 pediatric deaths reported in the USA last season, 80 percent occurred in children who had not had a flu shot.

'Myth-busting' is closely tied to the first approach, except that it frequently involves exposing people to a piece of misinformation about the flu vaccine in an effort to discredit it. Flu is more likely to be severe or even deadly in these groups than among healthy adults. Heather Holland, a 38-year-old teacher and mother from North Texas, died of the flu in February. Irma and her husband, Fred, died within a few days of each other. The child was not vaccinated for the current flu season. Although flu vaccines are not ideal, they are the best way to prevent getting the flu.

"Getting influenza vaccine is the best thing you can do to protect yourself against influenza". The Center for Disease Control recommends everyone six months and older receive a flu vaccine.

Determining how health professionals can most effectively combat influenza misinformation is a critically important question.

The report comes early in what has been a mild season.

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Did you know that Louisiana is among the states with the highest levels of flu activity so far this season? As it turned out, the vaccine was 36 percent effective in adults, and almost 60 percent effective in children.

When people experience cold and flu symptoms, Kaweah Delta is urging the public to seek care from their personal physicians for conditions that are not life-threatening or will not require hospitalization. Babies too young to be vaccinated. I try to help people understand the science behind vaccine development and how the body develops immunity.

A flu shot is especially crucial for people who may be at higher risk for serious complications. Deaths and hospitalizations are prevented.

As long as flu viruses are spreading and causing illness, vaccination should continue throughout the flu season. The vaccine uses a killed virus, and every batch is checked to ensure this. This is a particularly virulent, shape-shifting strain that can mutate even while the vaccine is being incubated in eggs.

Serious reactions to the flu vaccine are rare. "It is extremely important for people to get vaccinated".

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