CS:GO Battle Royale mode unveiled by Valve

Now that it’s free-to-play, CS:GO’s player count is rocketing

Valve makes CS:GO free-to-play with a battle royale mode, and some players aren't happy

Danger Zone is described as a "fast-paced battle royale game" built on the original "CS:GO's" tactical gameplay. The main differences in "Danger Zone" are the limit of 18 players - 16 for solo games - and the lack of the popular four-player mode at launch. Games typically last 10 minutes so are short in comparison to other BR titles, too.

- Introducing the Danger Zone Case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and the Horizon Knives as rare special items. Players who already purchased the game will automatically be upgraded to Prime Status, which costs $15. Fresh-faced CS:GO newcomers can earn Prime Status by either leveling up to Rank 21 in-game or paying the $14.99 upgrade fee. There will also be missions within the game, like finding hostages or completing contract kills, to unlock extra cash and weapons options.

The arena will be littered with cash, weapons and other equipment to pick up. Up to 18 players will travel to Blacksite and drop onto the map from a helicopter.

While CS:GO guns will exhibit same behaviour in the new mode, they may survive encounters that would otherwise be deadly, since Danger Zone players can have up to 120HP. Global Offensive also adds a new battle royale mode much like PUBG and Fortnite.

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You can either participate in a game by yourself or join a team of two or three.

Most battle royale games follow a familiar pattern: Up to 100 players are dropped into an expansive map and forced to scavenge for weapons they can use to (hopefully) wind up the only survivor. If you've never played Counter-Strike before, be prepared to die a lot, and often. The bigger news here is that the game has become free-to-play which could drive more players to the game and, in the future, lead to increased interest in the esports world.

Global Offensive is now completely free to play on Steam.

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