‘Dancing robot’ at Russian tech fair exposed as human in costume

‘Dancing robot’ at Russian tech fair exposed as human in costume

Talking Robot At Tech Show Turns Out To Be Man In Costume

The event's organizers did not claim that the android was anything other than a man in a suit, according to local reports, so it is not clear why the state television station chose to do so.

A high-tech robot, who was shown on state television in Russian Federation, turned out to be nothing more than a man in a costume, The Guardian newspaper says. BBC reports that in a pic shared on social media, the person's neck was visible from inside the robot costume.

"Boris" on state-run broadcaster Russia-24.

"Boris", shown off on Russia's PROJECT show, was described as "the most modern robot" - and actually engaged in real-time conversation with the hosts.

But not everyone bought it. The website posted a few questions like Where were Boris's external sensors?

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According to "Medusa", the organizers of the forum apparently made a decision to diversify the program, and in the absence of real achievements released at the scene animator, who imitated the movements and the voice of the robot.

Show Robots, the company behind the Alyosha costume, says on its website that the costume weighs 10 kgs and is able to deliver the "complete illusion" of a real robot. "How did Russian scientists get the finished robot so quickly, without publishing any intermediate results?" they asked, and why is it shaped like it is a robot suit with a man inside it, rather than a hinged machine?

'It's entirely possible one of these [students] could dedicate himself to robotics.

The robot suit has been tracked down to a company called Look Robots, which sells them for around £3,000.

Boris's robotic voice then said, "I know mathematics well but I also want to learn to draw", before he began dancing to music.

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