Police responding to a noise complaint join in for some Smash instead

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate breaks the series' launch sales record in Japan

Ultimate replays because the next patch will wipe them.

Jovante M. Williams arrived at his friends' apartment at the same time that police were arriving.

The one thing that Super Smash Bros Ultimate players are expecting Patch 1.2.0 will buffs or nerfs few characters, whereas few are hoping that the update brings in the much-needed improvement to the online part of the game.

Williams is familiar with the area, "We're not trouble. We're telling them this is the same noise level we've been having", Williams said. They were complaining about the noise.

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Now all I wanna do is play Smash Bros.

When the police realised it was all fun and games, Williams asked them to participate.

"In their personal time, they explore new choreography and stunt ideas...sometimes taking on the roles of their favorite video game characters", the video description reads. "They're like, 'How do you jump?' They were acting; one of them was playing Pikachu!" he added. "I heard the police asking, 'What Smash Brothers?' Instead of something negative ... it was something wholesome".

Ultimate update 1.2.0 (via Nintendo Everything) will drop in the next week or so, and current replays won't be compatible with this version of the game.

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