McLaren reveals Senna-inspired P1 GTR

This McLaren P1 GTR celebrates Senna's first F1 championship

Dec 20 2018 McLaren revives Ayrton Senna's MP4/4 livery for P1 GTR

Even without the name on there, it's still one of the most recognizable racing liveries ever made. His raw talent for feeling what the vehicle was doing enabled him to push his machines to the limits and achieve three Formula 1 drivers' titles.

The MSO commission for the P1 GTR is to celebrate Senna's first F1 win in 1988, which means it comes in the iconic, and most successful, of McLaren's liveries - the red and white Marlboro paint job (although there's not actually a single Marlboro logo - how times change).

Emblazoned with a recreation of the historic Marlboro livery of Senna's McLaren racer, this P1 GTR was created by MSO for a McLaren collector over a period of three years. The doors also have the Brazilian flag on them, and the bar code pattern in place of Malboro lettering.The number 12 is also painted on the vehicle - not only was 12 Senna's number in 1988, but this auto is also chassis number 12 in the P1 GTR production run of 58. The number "12" Senna's auto carried in 1988 is also displayed on the front. 'I'm not created to finished 2nd or 3rd...

You can find out more details about this unique McLaren P1 GTR over at McLaren at the link below. Stripped of 50kg and capable of producing significantly more downforce, this £1.9 million ($2.4 million) tour de force was quite the vehicle.

The P1 GTR Beco features a wide front splitter, canards, deflectors, a Gurney flap, a custom hood and a heat-resistant screen overlaid with 24 carats of gold.

Places cushion over lap
Places cushion over lap

Inside, the standard P1 GTR racing seats have been replaced with the minimalist carbon posts developed for the McLaren Senna. Given that the base product his team have improved on was none other than a P1 GTR, we suspect few would argue with that!

The MP4/4 was the most successful McLaren race auto, taking home 15 of the 16 races it entered, driven by Senna and Alan Prost.

Just when we've all forgotten about the McLaren P1 and turned our attention to the Senna and the Speedtail, the British supercar manufacturer has reminded us that its maiden Ultimate Series offering still exists.

Ayrton Senna won the first of his three Formula 1 world championships in 1988, behind the wheel of a McLaren MP4/4.

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