Major Winter Storm Threatens End-of-2018 Travel

Heavy snowfall could mar end-of-2018 travel as a winter storm moves across the country in coming days

Heavy snowfall could mar end-of-2018 travel as a winter storm moves across the country in coming days. Michael Williams Getty Images

Heavy snow and rainstorms moving through much of the United States are predicted to create risky road conditions for millions of travelers heading out after Christmas. Speicher said areas north of Grand Forks may not see much additional snow, but will still have ground blizzards caused by the heavy winds pushing around last night's snowfall. An additional 1 to 3 inches of snow may fall from Thursday night to Friday, which is enough to make roads slippery again.

For metro spots, it will be a quick two or three inches of snow followed by a lot of rain which will likely melt any snow that actually falls. CNN reports that this affects about four million people, with heavy snow - up to 12 inches in some parts - wind and near-blizzard conditions expected through Friday. A winter storm warning may be required for these regions later.

A long stretch of uneventful weather in south-central Minnesota is expected to end Wednesday afternoon, but forecasters expect the worst of a looming winter storm to hit northwest of the Mankato area. Highs will top out in the low-40s, but the temps will oddly continue to rise as we head through the night. The cold weather is expected to continue into Friday, which has an expected high of just 8 degrees.

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Blizzards occur when gusts of 35 miles per hour or more mix with snow. The very cold air could return next week as well.

If this year felt mild for Christmas, it was, especially when compared to a year ago. Highs will only be in the low 30s today in Denver, with low 20s tomorrow. It's going to be a warm night with temps in the mid- to upper 40s!

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