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Report: Windows 10 Takes Over Windows 7

According to New Marketshare, in November a year ago Windows 7 held 38.89 percent of the market while Windows 10 was second with 38.14 percent.

According to new data from AdDuplex, an ad company that monitors Windows 10 versions by analyzing desktop PCs and the operating systems they're running when they hit advertisements, just 6.6 percent of all Windows machines are now running the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Why it matters: It's been more than three years since it launched, but Windows 10 has passed the milestone Microsoft has been waiting for: the platform is now the most popular desktop operating system, having finally grabbed a larger market share than Windows 7.

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Microsoft's intermediary Windows versions, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8, have about 5% share. Although this offer officially ended on July 29th, 2016, it is still technically possible to go through the process on a Windows 7/8.1 PC. Microsoft has focused on creativity and productivity in Windows 10 for the past feature updates, and the company's focus will likely continue to be on productivity this year. Last Windows 10 update rolled out in December, 2018. As of May, 2018, Windows 10 was running on 700 million devices.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft handles the end of extended support for Windows 7, with such a huge swath of the market still using the aging OS. Microsoft already confirmed previous year that its Windows 10 OS version has been installed on 700 million devices including PCs, Xbox, tablets and phones. The software was supposed to be an incremental upgrade for users.

Windows 10 was lagging behind Windows 7, arguably one of the most popular versions of Windows to date.

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