A Special Peek at Marvel Studios’ ‘Captain Marvel’

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Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in a still from Iron Man 2

The makers shared the clip on Twitter, writing, "Hope begins with a hero".

With each Captain Marvel trailer, we're getting a better look at Marvel Studios' latest addition to the MCU - and this third one, while relatively short, highlights some different tones to Carol Danvers' arrival.

Plus, in one score for the "Jude Law is secretly a villain" theory, his (still as-yet-unnamed) character venomously spits out a line that'll probably drive Captain Marvel for years to come: "You're not as strong as you think". After Nick catches a glimpse of Carol's biker aesthetic, he quips that "grunge is a good look" for her. After all, there's a reason why Fury waited for decades to ask her for help.

It then shifts to detail the Skrull space invasion, with Carol stating that the evil extraterrestrials are shape-shifters that can not be trusted - not even when they appear as gentle, sweet old ladies. But she is back on Earth with a mission to fight Skrulls as they invade the planet.

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She also has to prove to Fury that she's not a Skrull herself. Happily obliging, Carol fires off a Photon blast and cracks, "A Skrull can not do that". Now she's Carol Danvers, then yeah.

Check it out in the video above. Hasbro's Marvel Legends action figure priced at $19.99 will feature swappable parts, which will include Captain Marvel's Mohawk helmet. "News' set visit previous year".

"She is more powerful than any character we've introduced thus far", Feige told EW last fall. The trailer didn't offer many details of his new guise, but an MCU fan who goes by name V2V Designs took to Reddit to share his or her vision of the full outfit. In his first appearance at the Golden Globes, Feige addressed fans' fears and doubts about Avengers and other films in the pipeline, in an interview with MTV News.

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