Norwegian billionaire's wife abducted, kidnappers demand $10M ransom for her life

Kidnappers in Norway demand $10M Monero ransom for millionaire's wife

After the demand for ransom in monero – police urge family not to pay

The wife of a Norwegian multimillionaire missing since October 31 probably has been kidnapped, police said Wednesday, adding that her suspected abductors have demanded a ransom reported to be over $10 million.

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, 68, has been missing since October 31, chief investigator Tommy Broeske said on Wednesday, with police saying she was abducted "against her will".

"As the case now stands, police have advised the family not to settle the claim", Tommy Broske, head of the investigation unit, said.

The missing woman's husband, Tom Hagen, is listed as the 172nd wealthiest person in Norway, with a net worth of 1.7 billion kroner, or about Dollars 200 million. It is the country's first kidnap for crypto ransom.

Anne Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen (68) has reportedly been missing for 10 weeks, but the news has only become known to the public today due to fears for what might happen to her if the word of her disappearance got out.

Since the end of October a year ago, Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, wife of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen, has been missing. Police have been "on the case for several weeks".

At centre a view of the home of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen and his wife Anne Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen in Fjellhamar Norway Wednesday Jan. 9 2019. Norwegian police say the missing wife of one of Norway's richest men has been abducted and

Norwegian police say the wife of one of Norway's richest men may have been abducted and a demand for 9-million euro ($10.3-million) ransom in a cryptocurrency, considered a popular virtual currency among cyber-criminals, has been made.

Mr Broeske said those behind the kidnap have chosen to communicate digitally and officers have had no other form of contact.

A lawyer for the family said they had not paid the ransom.

The kidnappers have threatened to use violence against her if her family does not meet their demands, Norway's newspaper of reference Aftenposten said, adding that there had been limited contact with the suspects. "It is demanding and exhausting to be in such a situation over a long period of time", he said.

Police said the woman disappeared about 31 miles from the Swedish border.

Police work outside of the house of of Norwegian multi-millionaire Tom Hagen in Fjellhamar, East of Oslo.

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