Chris Johnson's Forecast | Tracking a winter storm threat this weekend

Many of this mornings wind chills are frigid

ABC News Many of this morning's wind chills are frigid

The Chicago area could start to see snowfall starting late Friday and going much of the day Saturday as most of IL was under winter storm warnings and advisories, with up to 9 inches of snow forecast for southwest parts of the state.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS... Travel may be hard due to snow covered and slippery roads.

Saturday's forecast calls for partly sunny skies with a high of 36 and an overnight low of 20. East to east-northeast winds will run 10-15 miles per hour for the duration of the snow, which will end northwest to southeast in the 11 1 a.m. time frame. This snow will be light and scattered to start, with the first flakes reaching the metro by midday or early afternoon. Lows will slip back to the 20s and 30s with light south winds. Snow begins after 2 p.m. Higher totals are possible closer to central and northern Virginia. The snow will be wet and heavy, so make sure and use caution if you'll be shoveling. By the end of the game it will likely be dry however roads may still be hazardous so be cautious and be smart.

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Sunday will continue to be cloudy and while flurries can't be ruled out no accumulation would occur.

Across much of the northeastern United States, it's the complaints of snow-lovers (not the scrape of snow plows) that are still being heard as we move into the middle of January. The more snow pack that remains, the colder it will stay.

Across the country's midsection, 40 million people are under a winter storm advisory, watch or warning.

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