An egg just cracked the world record for most-liked Instagram photo

An Egg Has Poached The Most Liked Instagram Post Crown From Kylie Jenner

Instagram's most-liked post is going to be an egg, sorry Kylie Jenner

Scoring 18.2 million likes, Jenner's post set a new Instagram record - that is until this egg came along and racked up 25 million likes.

The socialite's snapshot, posted in February, now has 18.3 million likes.

Earlier in the week, Kylie Jenner shared footage of Stormi on her new chair.

Jenner, however, was not about to be left with egg on her face and responded shortly after she was dethroned.

She captioned the video, "Take that little egg".

The Instagram user told Buzzfeed: "the power of the egg is strong" and as for Jenner: 'It was nothing personal'.

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The photograph of an egg that was posted on the application by an Instagram account titled "Egg Gang".

It's the second time in a matter of days that a social media record has been smashed. "We're only just getting started".

The bio of the account says, "Official world record holders of the most liked picture on Instagram. What a time to be alive", and thanked everyone for their support. "I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and beat the record with something as basic as possible".

Of the account's sudden celebrity, Henrietta reportedly said it was, "Cracking".

The previous record, held by Kylie, belonged to the first-ever photo she posted of her daughter Stormi on Feb 7, 2018.

Jenner didn't take the defeat lying down. "Sometimes, the will of the internet just bends in peculiar ways, and in this case, the internet decided it was into that egg", wrote the Times.

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