Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 Mobile in December 2019

Microsoft is splitting Cortana from search in Windows 10

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In general, the lack of popular apps lowered the Windows Mobile adoption in the initial days.

Since Windows 10's inception Cortana has been directly integrated into the search bar. And you should also be able to use [Cortana] on Google Assistant. Microsoft once hoped to beat the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, CNBC reports.

This also affectivity ends the 3-way race between Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

For example, Windows does not support Citymapper.

At that point, users will no longer receive 'new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft for free'.

The document in question is actually an FAQ in which Microsoft answers a slew of questions related to the End of Support for Windows 10 Mobile.

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For Windows 10 Mobile users now looking to make the switch to Android or iOS devices, we'd recommend the OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy S9, or Google Pixel 3 for Android phones. Windows 10 added support for Alexa and Cortana cooperation in August, and Microsoft added a full-fledged Alexa app to the operating system a few months later.

The last major notable to the platform was October 2017, when it was bumped to version 1709. Though third party apps may continue supporting Windows Apps, Microsoft will no longer support the platform.

Earlier in 2017, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates revealed he is using an Android phone, although it does have "a lot of Microsoft software". It was hard to find app developers willing to write apps for this OS, and it did not attract a loyal user base. "But building new features/hw aren't the focus". A real shame given some of the hardware was excellent, with one of the first 40 megapixel sensors arriving on a Windows phone (Lumia 1040), one of the first iris scanners as a security feature (Lumia 950, 950 XL), as well as some insane colours for the smartphone casings, as well. Specifically, they're interested in three things: What you want Windows to do, or stop doing, while you're playing a game, what you want Windows to optimize for your gaming, and what new features Windows needs for gaming.

Windows Phone OS is living its last moments. However, customers who still wish to use Windows 10 Mobile device after the deadline should create manual backup.

Customers were informed of the change by an email from Facebook.

Alexa burst onto the scene thanks to Amazon's Echo smart speakers; users have flocked to them for their ability to use basic voice commands to set alarms and reminders, check the weather, hear breaking news and perform fact checking. "To me the challenge is, exactly what would we be able to do in that category that is going to be unique?", the Microsoft CEO continued.

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