Giuliani walks back statements of Trump's involvement in Moscow project

US president Rudy Giuliani looks on before the US president announces his Supreme Court nominee in the East Room of the White House

AFP Getty Images Rudy Giuliani is an attorney for President Trump

- Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to President Donald Trump, in comments given to Isaac Chotiner of the New Yorker after asking if he ever anxious that his legacy would be tarnished by "saying things for Trump, [and] not always being truthful about it".

The Giuliani comments were made after BuzzFeed News claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller has evidence that Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress about how long negotiations from Trump Tower Moscow ("The Moscow Project") went on. He then alleged that his client was one of the most "unfairly treated" people of all time, even as Giuliani himself complicated the situation by claiming Trump was involved in discussions to build a Moscow skyscraper until "the day" he won the presidential election in 2016.

In an interview with ABC News' Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos in December, Giuliani said Trump was having conversations with his former personal attorney Michael Cohen about the project up until and around November 2016.

For Trump, Giuliani plays the role more of spokesman than attorney, unleashing public attacks on investigators while throwing out wild accusations created to muddle the narrative of the probe. If Trump, as some of his critics allege, was still pushing for a major real estate project in Russian Federation after receiving the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, that would have been a definite conflict of interest.

Giuliani also told the New York Times on Sunday that he was basing this information on conversations he had with the president and said the discussions were ongoing throughout the entire election.

Trump officials had initially described the project as the province of Cohen and simply in the discussion phase.

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Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, has admitted to lying to Congress about a Trump Tower Moscow deal.

Negotiations for a Trump deal in Moscow occurred around the same time that the Russian government was interfering in the 2016 USA election.

On Sunday, Giuliani told NBC and The New York Times that talks about the project continued during the campaign.

"He can't tell you the date" that it ended, Giuliani said.

'I'm not going to talk about my sources, ' Cormier said. "But the president's recollection of them is that the thing had petered out quite a bit". "I don't know if they made it up". Giuliani said he knew the story was false because "I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts, I have been through all the emails, and I knew none existed".

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