Labour 'not in any way backing second referendum with amendment'

Polish foreign minister proposes limiting backstop

May seeks bilateral deal on Irish border to break Brexit impasse

Labour's amendment calls for a vote on Labour's plan for a customs union with the EU, and whether to legislate "to hold a public vote on a deal or a proposition" that is supported by a Commons majority.

Parliamentarians seeking to delay or stop Brexit entirely were already playing a risky game with democracy given the result of the 2016 referendum - a vote described by then-Prime Minister David Cameron as "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" - prior to the warning that their tactics risk dragging the Queen into the accelerating political crisis.

Limiting the Irish-border backstop to five years could be part of the solution to end the Brexit impasse, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz suggested, adding that he broached the concept today with his United Kingdom and Irish counterparts.

On 29 January the House of Commons will have another vote on Theresa May's agreement with European Union leaders that was previously rejected by an overwhelming majority of MPs. "She is wasting time calling for a revision or clarification over the backstop", said German politician Udo Bullmann, head of the socialist group in the European Parliament.

The former Tory leader, now Lord Hague, used his column in the Daily Telegraph to say that MPs who voted down Theresa May's botched Brexit plan last week "joined together to paralyse the only good government available, make Brexit impossible to deliver on schedule or even at all, and produce in much of the population an utter disgust with their proceedings".

Both main parties, one can only assume, would run on a promise that they would settle Brexit once and for all.

"No-deal will only be taken off the table by either revoking Article 50, which turns back the results of the referendum - the government will not do that - or by having a deal, and that is what we are trying to work out", May said.

"We need bold action", he was quoted as saying.

"Today heralds the start of a democratic process where this House will debate amendments that will determine how we navigate Brexit", the Labour leader said.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn proposed a series of non-binding votes in Parliament on options for how the United Kingdom can avoid a no-deal Brexit: One of those options is a new referendum.

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Ministers were discussing the PM's plans for overhauling the Irish backstop - an insurance policy to avoid a hard border if a trade deal is not struck - in order to win support from Tory Eurosceptics and the DUP.

"I will then take the conclusions of those discussions back to the EU", May said.

After May sets out her plans for the way ahead, lawmakers are set to table a series of amendments, to be voted upon on January 29.

Mrs May was required to update MPs following the defeat of her Brexit deal by an unprecedented 230-vote margin in the House of Commons.

May said she doesn't believe there's a majority for a referendum in the House of Commons and told supporters they will have to "think again" when it is defeated. Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29.

"Contrary to what the Prime Minister just said there was no flexibility, there were no negotiations - nothing had changed".

Schinas said there was no change in the European Union position after May said she would seek amendments to the draft withdrawal treaty.

He also stressed it was important that there wasn't a hard border in Ireland, while making reference to a bomb that exploded Saturday night in the center of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

May´s Downing Street office has called them "extremely concerning".

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