Impact on the Moon during the total lunar eclipse



The so-called super blood wolf moon painted the satellite in brilliant shades of orange and red for just over 5 hours.

Skywatchers who observed the "Super Blood Wolf Moon", a total lunar eclipse that coincided with a supermoon, were able to witness an incredible addition to their spectacular view that night - a meteorite impact.

A blood moon is another name given to a total lunar eclipse, which happens when the Earth moves in between the sun and the moon. If that wasn't quite cool enough, review of the footage taken of the moon has revealed that, during the eclipse, it was struck by a meteorite. This alignment causes light from the Sun to be refracted, making the Moon appear to be a reddish color. The telescopes used by MIDAS have high-sensitivity video cameras that are used to continuously record events during observations.

The biggest news in astronomy and space fanatic circles over the last week or so has been the total lunar eclipse that happened recently. Even a small meteoroid can create a bright flash when it hits the lunar surface.

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For this particular lunar eclipse, as rare as it already was, Madiedo and his team doubled the number of telescopes observing the moon from four to eight.

"I am really happy, because I think that the effort was rewarded", he said.

Multiple telescope feeds captured the impact, which likely left behind a fresh crater on the pockmarked moon. "I did not want to miss any potential impact event", he explained in an email.

The bright flash seen in the video published by Jose M. Madiedo / University of Huelva. "It was a very exciting moment because I knew such a thing had never been recorded before".

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