Facebook paid 13-year-olds for access to all their internet data

Facebook pays teenagers £15 to access all their messages, apps and searches

Facebook in trouble after 'paying teens to install spy app on their phones'

The search giant's decision to close the app comes a day after Facebook landed in hot water for creating a similar app that gave users between the ages of 13 and 35 payments of $20 a month in exchange for their phone and web activity. This has been going on since 2016. But the program had major privacy implications even still, and seemed likely to prey on the vulnerabilities of Facebook's most financially desperate users.

"Facebook has been using their membership to distribute a data-collecting app to consumers, which is a clear breach of their agreement with Apple", the statement added. The app was previously kicked out of the official App Store for breaking Apple's rules on privacy: Facebook had to use the cert to skirt Cupertino's ban. Following TechCrunch's report, Senator Mark Warner sent a stern letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a list of questions about the company's data gathering practices, and Senator Ed Markey vowed to reintroduce legislation to make it illegal for companies to pay children to hand over their data. While Facebook said late last night that it would shut down the iOS app, Apple is apparently not satisfied and revoked Facebook's developer licenses on Wednesday.

Facebook defended its programme, saying it was doing not wrong and that only a small percentage of people was underage.

Facebook has been criticized for operating a secretive market research project which paid teenage users in return for unfettered access to their personal data.

On Tuesday, technology news site TechCrunch reported that Facebook was paying users as young as 13 years old to install an app called Facebook Research.

According to a statement to TechCrunch, Facebook claimed there was nothing secret about the effort and that it obtained parental consent for teens where required.

This is the first time Apple has taken action against Facebook's privacy practices after bickering with the company about user privacy rights over the previous year or so.

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All participants are paid $20/monthly via e-gift cards, with an additional referral bonus of $20 also available if their friend joins the program.

Facebook reacted by pulling the iOS version.

Addressing the issue of consent, Strafach acknowledged that Facebook said users were provided with "extensive information about the type of data we collect and how they can participate", but argued that "they do not inform users of the massive amount of access you hand them when hitting "Trust" on their root certificate". But it does mean that Facebook will not be able to distribute internal apps to its own employees. They have no clear or easy solution to fall back on either.

By installing the software, you're giving our client permission to collect data from your phone that will help them understand how you browse the internet, and how you use the features in the apps you've installed.

However, Facebook calls on iOS users to side-load the Facebook Research app by declaring the social network to be a trusted developer.

The news led to increased political scrutiny of Facebook's business model - in particular its use of target advertising, which entails the optimization of ads based on a user's interests and clicking habits.

In brief: Facebook has hit the headlines over yet another privacy-related controversy.

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