CDC raising concerns over increasing number of measles cases

Anti-vaxx Mom Asks How To Protect Her Son From Measles Outbreak. The Internet Delivered.

Measles reported in Georgia, Oregon and Hawaii amid outbreak across the US fueled by anti-vaxxers

"Thirteen additional suspected cases were reported Wednesday, and some of those will likely be confirmed", the AP reported.

Before entering kindergarten, most children receive the two-dose MMR vaccination, which protects them from measles, mumps and rubella throughout their lives.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a travel notice for Kazakhstan, where health officials have reported a measles outbreak. In recent years, however, the viral illness has popped up again from NY to California and sickened hundreds.

The AP noted that Clark County, Washington, has a vaccination rate of 78 percent, which is too low to protect those with compromised immune systems, those who can not get vaccinated because of medical problems, or those who are too young.

There were 38 confirmed cases in Washington and OR in 2018.

"What keeps me up at night is eventually having a child die from this completely preventable situation", he said. The vaccine is very effective against measles.

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The CDC also says 81 people brought measles into the US from other countries last year-the greatest number of imported cases since the measles was eliminated from the 2000. There has been no connection made between the outbreak in Washington and the three cases in Georgia. There are dozens of locations in total, including hospitals, Portland International Airport and multiple schools. There are four cases with unverified vaccination records, and 37 people who are unimmunized.

Dr. Messonnier contends that there are no other alternatives to vaccination and that best way to stop this outbreak in its tracks is to make sure that everybody gets vaccinated. But measles is still a big problem in other parts of the world, and travelers infected overseas can bring the virus back and spread it, causing periodic outbreaks. A recent outbreak happened in Washington State. The first patient sought medical care on December 31, but other sick people may not have gone to a doctor or hospital, he said.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, D-Bronx, which would do away with all non-medical exemptions, received a boost this week when it was supported by Sen. One dose of the measles vaccine gives 93 percent lifelong immunity; a second dose between ages 4 and 6 provides 97 percent immunity.

About 1 child out of every 1,000 who gets measles will develop encephalitis (swelling of the brain) that can lead to convulsions and can leave the child deaf or with intellectual disability. At least 43 people in Washington and OR have fallen ill in recent weeks with the extraordinarily contagious virus.

Democratic Rep. Monica Stonier of Vancouver, a co-signer on the bill, said she would prefer an even broader proposal, but "right now we're looking at what we can get moved". In the event of a measles outbreak, WAC 246-105-080 authorizes schools (public or private), child care centers, or the local Health Officer to exclude any child or staff who does not have appropriate documentation of immunity against measles.

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