We rearrange President Trump's workday schedule to make him more productive

#ExecutiveTime Takes Off on Twitter After 3 Months of Trump's Daily Schedules Leaked

Donald Trump reportedly spends up to five hours a day on 'executive time'

"It shows that perhaps the people that work for him don't like him very much, but you just don't do this".

The White House in the past has repeatedly said it was working to root out such officials through internal investigations, including the author of an anonymous op-ed posted in the New York Times by an official who identified themselves as a member of the "Resistance inside the Trump Administration".

Leaked details of President Donald Trump's schedule show he spends the bulk of his day in "executive time".

Instead, he in the residence, watching TV, reading the newspapers, tweeting, and phoning aides, members of Congress, friends, administration officials and informal advisers, the news website reported.

Historians note that early in his presidency, Bill Clinton was habitually late and often deviated from the planned schedule. A detailed routine includes some extra meet ups every day; most of his discussions with staff are done on the spur of the moment, a typical Trump trait.

It's always reassuring to hear that the president of the United States may have a more lax schedule than the rest of us.

Over the weekend, Axios' Alexi McCammond revealed that she and her colleague Jonathan Swan had been in contact with a White House insider for three months who revealed the president's private schedules to them.

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The Oval Office is in the West Wing of the White House grounds and separated from the President's residence. As per Axios, "executive time" on the President's schedule doesn't exactly indicate that he was not working.

The outlet also said that according to the schedules it obtained, the day after the midterms, Trump's schedule contained a 30-minute meeting with then-chief-of-staff John Kelly and more than seven hours for "executive time".

"What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules", Madeleine Westerhout, director of Oval Office Operations, wrote on Twitter.

FILE - President Donald Trump's glass of Diet Coke with the presidential seal on it sits on his desk in front of his phones in the Oval Office at the White House, in Washington, Dec. 11, 2018.

Sanders highlighted what she called "a booming economy with lower taxes and higher wages" and a "rebuilt" military as key achievements, as well as the president's many federal judge appointments and his aggressive - or ostracizing, depending on the view - positions on trade negotiations.

But Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Trump needs more of it, not less. At the time, Sanders argued Trump was accomplishing much.

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