Newborn baby found lying on road with umbilical cord still attached

A snowy road

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The California Safely Surrendered Baby Law was passed in 2001 to prevent the death of newborns abandoned by their parents.

'The man directed her to the fire station and the Valley Children's Hospital down the street and suggested she take the baby there'.

He initially thought it was an animal until he got closer before realising it was a newborn baby.

A newborn baby in the USA has been rescued after she was found abandoned in the middle of the road with her umbilical cord still attached.

I had my radio low, thank god.' He told the Fresno Bee.

"I approached slowly. Next thing you know I see it's red, you can see the face".

The newspaper carrier discovered the baby a short time later and brought her into a vehicle to keep her warm.

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Just before 4:30 a.m, the Fresno Bee reports one of its own newspaper carriers, Aurelio Fuentes Jr., spotted the baby lying in the dark on Avenue 13 1/2 near Road 35. "There could've been coyotes, there's cars going by fast down that road", Mr Fuentes said.

When CHP arrived, the hours-old baby was given a blanket for warmth before she was taken to a local hospital for treatment in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Now authorities are on the hunt for the baby's mother. She is described as a Hispanic woman in her early 20s who left the scene in a small, white SUV.

The child is hospitalized in good condition and is expected to fully recover.

"The baby was cold, but luckily she was discovered early enough that she'll make a full recovery", Madera County Sheriff Office undersheriff Tyson Pogue said.

Pogue said the situation was inexplicable and also noted that any newborn infants can be safely surrendered at any designated "safe surrender site" - a fire station or hospital - without any questions asked or the mother facing any charges.

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