Comedian and Prolific Rapist Bill Cosby Reportedly 'Loves Jail'

Montgomery County Correctional Facility via Getty Images

Montgomery County Correctional Facility via Getty Images

Just yesterday we posted that Bill Cosby is reportedly having an "amazing time" in prison and it's seemingly because he thinks he's a political prisoner, not a sexual predator.

'Here's why I, have "no" remorse and will never have remorse, ' the disgraced Cosby Show star said. Cosby refers to himself as a victim of "entrapment" carried out by a "low-life attorney" and "corrupt judge". "Not for justice, but for their political aspirations", Cosby said.

Cosby, 81 (and a rapist), thinks prison is an 'amazing experience, ' according to his press spokesman Andrew Wyatt.

'So, I now have a temporary residence that resembles the quarters of some of the Greatest Political Prisoners - Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Randal Robinson, and Dr Benjamin Chavis. Cosby concluded his note with, "I stand upright as a Political Prisoner and I Smile". The Truth is Strong!'

Wyatt was interviewed by WCAU in Philadelphia and said: "Yeah, he used the term unbelievable experience". He wakes up at 3:30 in the morning to exercise in his cell, and also has avoided eating bread or dessert in prison, Wyatt said.

Cosby's fall from grace has been especially notable because he built his career on a clean, family-friendly image that was shredded when he was indicted and ultimately arrested on Constand's accusation that had gone all but ignored until Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele won his election in 2015 and vowed to finish the job he said his predecessor should have started.

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When asked how Cosby was surviving behind bars, Wyatt explained that Cosby was a mentally strong man. Cosby does have a helper who helps him move around the prison due to his vision problems.

"People want to limit him to being a comedian and actor, but Mr. Cosby is a civil-rights icon", Wyatt told INSIDER. Cosby is appealing the conviction.

'Mr. Cosby said Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela helped him prepare for this chapter of his life, ' added Wyatt.

Rapist Bill's wife, Camille Cosby has not yet visited her rapist husband in prison.

Wyatt told CNN last week that Cosby is living largely separated from other inmates, except that he has helpers who guide him around because of his vision problems.

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