Tesla introduces Dog Mode to keep furry friends cool

Model 3					Tesla rolls out ‘Dog Mode’ to protect pets from hot cars while informing passersby of their safety

Model 3 Tesla rolls out ‘Dog Mode’ to protect pets from hot cars while informing passersby of their safety

The Twitter post above includes a video demonstration of how Dog Mode works, showing how owners can set the air-conditioning temperature and keep it running after leaving the vehicle.

As electric cars are quiet most of the time, a message on the screen will let other pedestrians know that the owner's pets are fine.

Tesla has rolled out a new mode for pet owners that creates a safe environments for pets to stay in the vehicle while the owner is away.

The new mode can be activated with a push of a button and activates the car's clime control mode, regulating the temperature to a safe degree no matter how hot it is outside the auto.

Tesla has also rolled out a new security feature called "sentry mode".

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Here are Tesla's instructions on how to enable "dog mode", as per its release notes. When switched on, the auto enters a standby mode, in which it continually monitors its nearby surroundings with external cameras.

To turn on Dog Mode, owners will first need to tap the fan icon at the base of the touchscreen when their auto is parked.

If - for instance - someone unwittingly leans against the vehicle, it switches up to the equivalent of Star Trek's yellow alert (actually called "Alert" state). If your Tesla's' battery dips below 20% while in Dog Mode you'll get an alert to your Tesla app on your mobile phone.

This mode displays a message on the cars center screen alerting those within view that the surrounds are being monitored. When a potential threat is detected, the cameras on your vehicle will begin recording, and the alarm system will activate.

Musk said on Thursday that the update will be rolling out this week along with a new security feature "sentry mode", which blasts classical music if the auto detects it's being broken into.

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