Unvaccinated youth visiting doctors for shots amid Vancouver measles outbreak

Interior Health Medical Health Officer Dr. Silvina Mema Image Credit Interior Health

3:34pm Interior Health Medical Health Officer Dr. Silvina Mema Image Credit Interior Health

Symptoms of measles include fever, reddening of the eyes, cough and colds, and red rashes, the agency added.

"People should get vaccinated". Since the 1960s, two doses of the measles vaccine have been given to young children to prevent the disease, which causes symptoms ranging from pneumonia to vision loss, and even death.

VANCOUVER-No new cases of the measles have been reported in Vancouver since February 15, and health officials say the transmission of the disease was mostly limited to a small network at two public schools.

Since that time, multiple large and high-quality studies have been conducted that demonstrate there is not an association between autism and MMR vaccine.

"So that may draw immunization rates down", said Mema.

Dix says there are some people who are expressing opposition to immunization, while others can't be immunized for medical reasons and some simply fall through the cracks. Most people born before 1978 have had measles infection and will not get measles again. The World Health Organization says there were 110,000 deaths from measles globally in 2017, majority children under age five.

Some people can not be vaccinated, including infants under six months of age, people with certain underlying health conditions and those undergoing chemotherapy - meaning they must rely on high levels of immunity within their communities to prevent infection with the virus.

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"Make certain that they are all up to date traveling especially if not please call your family provider and also we wanted to say that the vaccine dose for children they should receive two dose, the first dose at fifteen months and then the second dose at four to six years", said Denorcey.

In wake of this data and recent events, a petition entitled Mandatory Vaccines in BC (with medical exemptions) was posted on change.org.

"I think youth have adapted along with the Internet and have a better sense of which sources are reliable, and with so much information there now, can compare information easily", she said. "While measles was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, measles is still common in many parts of the world including some countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and Africa".

AHS says the measles vaccine is highly effective and safe.

Forty five of the confirmed Clark County cases involve children between the ages of 1 and 10.

"And if we don't get vaccine coverage up to higher levels in Canada, throughout Canada, for community protection, we're going to continue to see these pockets (of cases)".

Two additional Epidemic Intelligence Service officers, who conduct outbreak investigations and are assigned by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), were set to go to Clark County again Wednesday.

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