Chris Evans Offers Helping Hand To Oscar Winning Regina King

Regina King wins the Oscar for Actress In A Supporting Role

Kevin Winter via Getty Images Regina King wins the Oscar for Actress In A Supporting Role

Of course, this isn't the first time Captain America has escorted a fellow actor, but fans online couldn't get over the chivalrous gesture.

Oscars viewers are crushing on Chris Evans for being the "perfect gentleman" during the awards show Sunday night.

"Chris Evans knows what to do in the presence of a Queen", wrote one user on Twitter.

In the same IMDb video, King's co-star Stephan James said that he wishes her the best of luck for the Oscars, even though she doesn't need it. "[The] kids approve because either way, they get Captain America as a stepdad". But when King stood up to take the stage, there appears to have been a near-wardrobe malfunction: Her dress seems to have gotten caught on something.

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We had the Oscars on during dinner and when Chris Evans helped Regina King up the steps, my husband and I both agreed we'd step aside to let the other marry Chris.

And Chris, 37, couldn't jump to Regina's aid soon enough. But I feel like I've had so many women that have paved the way, are paving the way, and I feel like I walk in their light and I also am creating my own light, and there are young women that will walk in the light that I'm continuing to shine and expand from those women before me.

Chris was among the many superheroes repping the MCU at the Oscars, with Black Panther up for Best Picture tonight. The actress, who was the first announced victor of the night, was awarded Best Supporting Actress for her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk.

"Mom, thank you for teaching me that God is leaning, has always been leaning, in my direction", King said, concluding her speech with "God is good, all the time".

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