Sprint to deploy 5G in four cities in May

Google Fi to offer 5G thanks to Sprint, provided you have a compatible handset

Sprint 5G Launches in May in Select Cities

Sprint, a US mobile carrier, will use Samsung's technology for its first commercial 5G service in Chicago in May. Samsung's 5G NR solution will be in the commercial network for one of Sprint's first 5G cities, Chicago, Illinois, scheduled to launch commercially in May.

Service is slated to start in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City, followed by Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and Washington D.C. within the first half of 2019.

Instead, Sprint's 5G network will launch using the carrier's mid-band spectrum, which is faster than LTE airwaves but doesn't travel as far. The modular nature of the upgrade will allow Sprint to offer both LTE and 5G services on the same radio using the split-mode capabilities of the MIMO solution.

With Sprint's 5G technology that uses the 2.5 GHz spectrum and cutting-edge Massive MIMO radio technology, there will be a dramatic increase in network capacity and density which is created to deliver the fastest connections with significant improvement in latency.

Google Fi customers can look forward to 5G connectivity by way of Sprint. And Sprint are set for launch in four cities, starting in May. And, of course, if the T-mobile/Sprint merger occurs as the two networks hope, this could give the new T-Mobile one of the most robust 5G solutions in the U.S.

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The launch of 5G T-Mobile on the 600MHz spectrum has been delayed until the second half of 2019 (via CNET).

LG's V50 ThinQ 5G would be Sprint's first 5G phone. Once a compatible smartphone comes out, 5G T-Mobile will launch in 30 cities.

Really, the thing that's most clear is that we should all probably not bother thinking about jumping on 5G until next year at the earliest and even that will depend on where you live. Also, many suburban and rural areas won't be getting 5G for several years yet. In the limited details they offered, Sprint says it'll cover more than 1,000 square miles across its initial nine cities. Massive MIMO is a breakthrough technology that dramatically improves the capacity of Sprint's LTE Advanced network with equipment that is software upgradable to 5G. The company also announced a number of other updates to its Curiosity IoT platform for mapping, roaming and other services.

The 5G game is afoot! It's based on our 2.5 gigahertz spectrum.

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