Labour suspend MP Chris WIlliamson over antisemitism row

Corbyn prepares to cut Gordian knot of #Brexit impasse

Bring on that second Brexit vote

Labour frontbencher John McDonnell said that his party would table an amendment during the parliamentary "meaningful vote" following United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May's return to Westminster.

"Labour is determined to put forward its own Brexit proposals to the House of Commons following on from the "meaningful vote" that has been promised on 12 March".

British lawmakers will have the opportunity to vote on up to five proposed changes to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans on Wednesday, Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow said.

Brexit supporters say there would be short-term disruption but in the long-term the UK would thrive if cut free from what they cast as a doomed experiment in German-dominated unity that is falling behind China and the United States.

The prime minister has promised to put her Brexit deal to a "meaningful vote" by March 12th, and if it is rejected, to allow MPs to vote by March 13th on whether they want to leave the European Union without a deal on March 29th.

Theresa May on Tuesday made one of her biggest Brexit U-turns so far, bringing significant new uncertainty to the process of the United Kingdom leaving the EU.

He wrote: "Once we can secure a limit to the backstop, all the other imperfections in Mrs May's deal, such as continued meddling by the European Court of Justice and our continuing to pay huge sums into EU coffers, become much less problematic".

The 2016 referendum, in which 17.4 million voters backed leaving and 16.1 million backed staying, showed a country divided about much more than the European Union, and has fuelled soul-searching about everything from secession and immigration to capitalism and modern British identity.

No Wilder-Fury bout on the agenda: WBC
Fury is planning an interim fight before he rematches Deontay Wilder and the pair are likely to come to blows this summer. Fury's decision also leaves Dillian Whyte in limbo after the Brit opened negotiations with Breazeale for a summer clash.

A private briefing sent to Labour MPs on Monday indicated that the party would include remain as an option in a future referendum, the Guardian reported.

He warned that the party was "perilously close" to losing more MPs over the issue after nine resigned last week.

Prime Minister Theresa May won a two week reprieve on Wednesday from British lawmakers, who postponed a threatened rebellion aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit after she agreed to a possible delay to Britain's departure from the EU.

On Thursday, he released a statement on Twitter thanking Labour members and supporters for "the incredible solidarity you have shown me over the last 48 hours".

Her amendment therefore contained May's commitment on giving MPs a vote on delaying Brexit if both her deal and no-deal are rejected by MPs.

However, also on the programme was fellow Labour MP Lisa Nandy, who said many Labour-backers and even members of the shadow cabinet were dismayed at the Party's move to back a second referendum. However, the polls do not now look favourable for Labour and there is little support on the Conservative benches for calling one.

Would Labour campaign for remain?

It remains to be seen if Labour support of a vote (a position endorsed by all the opposition parties) would be enough to obtain a majority for it in parliament.

Today we will ask Parliament to vote on those proposals that support the demands of industry and working people - and that are clearly capable of providing a resolution that can bring the country together.

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