Fortnite's Next Big Addition Might Be Respawn Option

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New Fortnite Leak Hints at New Respawn Vans

This new section will offer up skins that become available only after a player has purchased the related featured item and also have the legend tokens to buy the exclusive item.

How hiticonic knew about Apex Legends will remain a mystery but it's nice to see that they're still around for their upvotes.

The hype surrounding the new Battle Royale game might be subsiding somewhat, but there can be no doubt that it has won itself a lot of fans.

Yesterday, instead of making an announcement about Season 1, Respawn announced that some popular gamers would be competing in an Apex Legends tournament, though this wasn't what many were hoping for. Apex Legends will often crash mid-match, possibly because of issues with graphics or stability, possibly because of a brief loss of connectivity.

As big as this game is now, I am surprised that nobody has caught this sooner.

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In contrary, however, considering the L-Star weapon is already in the game files, Respawn won't have to release a patch for it.

EA/Respawn's hit Battle Royale, Apex Legends, was announced in the last minute and nobody saw the new free-to-play Battle Royale coming.

However, the game as well as its full map was leaked on Reddit almost a full year before the game was revealed. It would appear that Fortnite was playing with the idea of adding these vans to the map, along with a pick-up on teammate drops that would act as a catalyst to allow them to be respawned at the Second Chance Van. Epic Games has not yet commented on the find.

Let's see what's waiting for us! But the ability to rejoin games would at least help. Fortnite recently got a ping system, which was clearly inspired by Apex Legends.

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