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Indie directors Making Captain Marvel like going to Marvel University

US actress Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Reviews for Captain Marvel are in and while some have been disappointed with Brie Larson's MCU debut, the overall response toward the latest Marvel Studios feature has been positive.

Captain Marvel just lacks deeper resonance, thematically and emotionally.

From both a toy-selling and a storytelling standpoint, the fact that the movie's title character never is referred to by anyone as "Captain Marvel" is odd, but not unprecedented.

Captain Marvel opens on March 8. She takes an Earth name, because Vers sounds silly.

That cool mohawk/mask Captain Marvel sports when in battle mode? The last third of the film devolves into a series of battles between Captain Marvel and her enemies, but also apparently between the film's editor and cinematographer (visually, these scenes are nearly incoherent), and between the directors and the studio.

As for how playing a former airforce pilot changed her, Larson said, "Just, in particular, getting strong, learning how to stand my ground, own myself, and value my voice".

So when it came to promoting "Captain Marvel", which begins its global rollout on Wednesday, she lobbied for more women and people of color among those interviewing her.

"Jackson's CGI facelift is hands-down the best example of digital de-aging yet seen in movies", writes Total Film's Matt Maytum. She comes into contact with a young agent in Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who will assist in helping her figure out just who and what she is. As far as Captain Marvel's detractors are concerned, DC's surprise critical and commercial hit has rather beaten Marvel's big-screen heroine to the punch; Lopez criticises the film for its political weakness in the face of Wonder Woman's overt feminism. (Adequately, one supposed, though I'm not sure directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are natural orchestrators of fight scenes; their strength lies elsewhere.) It's all about whether or not they can sell this Captain Marvel as someone who, later, even the mighty Avengers can call to someday help them save the world. Without making a fuss, it's a movie about regaining oneself and one's values in a universe where the boys are busy fighting. Agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) detains her for questioning and discovers that her fragmented memories suggest she's not Kree, but human.

Indie directors Making Captain Marvel like going to Marvel University
The movie's directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden

Yet Empire's Helen O'Hara - one of the few female critics to review the film - still regards it as an "essential. feminist fable" that "delivers in a more satisfying way than nearly any other superhero film of recent years".

"I spent over two hours with Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers and I still have no idea what her personality is".

Vers (Brie Larson) is a soldier of the Kree, a race protecting itself against the Skrull, who apparently are trying to overrun them.

"Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general readership", the post read.

"This film allows me an opportunity and a platform to be able to have more flexibility to do more, and I just took that opportunity", Larson told Reuters Television. There's a little Thor in amnesiac Carol's return to her home planet as she navigates the would-be alien world, and there is, of course, a bit of Captain America as she too is a woman out of time. The female superhero first appeared in 1977, and originally named Ms. Marvel as a nod to the iconic feminist magazine, Ms.

After ten years and twenty films, Marvel Studios finally-let me repeat, finally-has its first female superhero standalone film.

But for Marvel's latest nod to Lee, the studio has decided to make his appearance a little more blatant - having reworked him into its opening trail, which usually involves the series' ensemble of characters.

She sat down with the Jonathan Ross Show earlier this week and revealed that she hadn't she didn't even tell her mother she had received the role out of fear the big news would be leaked to fans.

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